What Does Your Interior Design Style Say About You?

What Does Your Interior Design Style Say About You?

This isn’t some kind of funky quiz that’s going to put you in a box. As the individuals that we all (or at least most of us) are, we can’t really be put in boxes so easily. So much of our design and creative outlets are fuelled by life experiences or exposure at least as much as it is by taste. That being said, there are many aspects of design that say much about a person and the lives they have likely led.

The fact you find yourself designing at all says plenty about you. There are many of us, myself included, that are more inclined to trust the judgement of others when it comes to matters such as home décor and design. That could mean recreating the page from the magazine, consulting a friend/family member, or even relying on the opinions and advice from that pro. However, if you’re one of the brave ones, getting in there and making all the decisions for yourself, then you have to have some kind of confidence in your abilities and tastes and you should be proud. Even more so if you plan to take that one step further and incorporate a healthy dose of DIY in the mix.

There is generally speaking an even mix of those of us who design that are inclined to go with our gut or extensively plan and research the best options. Some will go with what they feel the moment, the others are experts in home office chairs vs meeting room chairs or black japan vs French polish. The way you tackle the decision-making process alludes to how controlled you might be in your everyday life. A free spirit who takes life as it comes will be more inclined to make a decision on a whim and hope for the best. They know that if they don’t like it, they’ll just have to try again until they get it right. These are the more art brained people who enjoy simply going with the flow of life and seeing where it takes them. Alternatively, those who are careful and purposeful in their decision making are problem solvers and often strive for perfection in all aspects of their life. This diligence to getting it right the first time can be very economical and often leads to a perfectly executed plan and satisfaction with the final product that equals that of their ‘go with the flow’ counterparts.

If your design style includes a number of keepsakes and well-placed photos, it’s highly likely that you are a sentimental person. Having important milestones or precious memories printed out or blown up and displayed around your home suggests that you take pride in the relationships you have developed and have a desire to share your memories with anyone you invite into your space. Conversely, if you’re the type of person who opts for classic or timeless wall hangings such as canvas paintings or intricate prints it is likely you value and take pride in the aesthetic of your home. This is not to say that you are not sentimental, many of these pieces may have a great deal of sentimental value or stir up an array of emotions within you. What we hang on our walls as part of our design project will say a lot about who we are – at its core, this is the most basic form of self-expression within your home.

Furniture can be a difficult one to decide on. Many of us use the opportunity to blend our home and in some ways uniform it. We might like to pick a theme or a colour scheme and spread it liberally around each space. We might opt for a theme of beach style furniture with nautical decorations and a coastal dining table to boot. Others might opt for something slightly more subtle such as similar materials for all furniture pieces or painting all the walls the same or similar colours. Perhaps you prefer conscious chaos and opt to have individuality in each room within the house. Your design plan may feel like an adventure start to finish, one that touches on many styles and eras and yet perfectly ties together for you. No matter how you choose to tie in the designs of each room to the bigger picture of your home, it will likely reflect a great deal of who you are and your overall tastes and style.

Items we choose to fill our space with and how busy we make our rooms can be a direct reflection of who we are as people. Much like with the original planning versus going with your gut, this aspect of your design will say a lot about how liberal or controlled you likely are when letting your creative juices flow. A minimalist style of furnishing and decorating can be timeless and is classic in a way that can feel comfortable and organised for some and like a museum to others. For those of us who lean towards an analytical existence and value order and purpose for all things that surround us, keeping the clutter to a minimum can create a sense of calm and Zen. Many others who lean towards a less structured existence will see beauty where the other sees clutter. Filling their space with knickknacks and seemingly useless items can make their spaces feel homely. If you’re one of these types, chances are you have numerous live plants, in varying states of growth, surrounding you. Organised chaos is the ultimate calm for these types of designers.

Designing your home is a task in and of itself, there is no question of that. If you let it, it can be stressful and time-consuming no matter what style or type of creative you find you are. Ideally, you will avoid getting caught up in what your design choices say about you and focus solely on making sure that the finished product is perfect to you, and fits all your wants and needs accordingly. At the end of the day, nothing is permanent, and chances are you’ll change it up in a few years anyway, so have fun.