Marketing your business and the power of social media

Marketing your business and the power of social media

Did you know that 92% of marketers say that investing in social media advertising will give you more exposure for your business than most other ways. Social media marketing has a huge potential that people don’t understand how to take advantage of and increase their brand awareness.

There are plenty of positive ways you can use social media marketing to promote your business.

Increase Brand Awareness

Social media channels are the way to introduce your brand to as many people as you can. Social media is the best way to increase your visibility and expose your company to more potential customers. If you have your brand present on social media sites customers can become acquainted with your product or the service, you offer. People want to see you advertising and going to the effort to reach customers. Releanza stated that 78% of small businesses would attract new customers via social media platforms. Social media is available to you so use it to get the correct message out to customers that may just become your best profit.

                                             Improve Brand Loyalty and Authority

home office chairsPeople can’t wait to get online and start chatting about their recent experiences and share information. Social media sites like Facebook are often posting recommendation posts who to recommend and who is reliable. People love answering these and getting the latest news. People will turn to social media to recommend a business or compliment them for their satisfactory service. The bigger the interaction, the better, especially if you can get a major influencer to talk positively about your product or service.

Social media platforms are a great tool for your brand to connect with potential buyers and make users see the positive feedback from your brand.

Communicate with customers and make changes to your customer service

The key concern with business is often the offered customer service. It is important to know which type of communication your customers prefer. Most often the answer will be social media. People don’t have time these days to be driving to stores for appointments etc. By using social media, it allows people to ask a question, or enquire without the need of driving or wasting time in traffic.  Businesses can have the time to do more things they need to without customers piling up everywhere getting frustrated just to ask a question. You can have one team member who gets dedicated to social media who will answer questions, advertise and talk to consumers.
Seeing as people are all about social media now 71% of the consumers say if they receive quick answers and positive communication on social media then they are more likely to recommend your business.

Creating opportunities to change

Social media has a secret weapon, and that is communication. Blog posts, videos, comments and images can all lead to someone visiting your site which can then lead to a conversion. Your followers on social media will improve your conversion rates, and once you gain more followers, you are going to have more credibility.

Promoting your business using social media takes a mere 6-hours each week that gets invested in marketing on social media sites that can give you increased traffic of more than 84% of participants.

Keeping your site updated and adding new content regularly with generating more traffic that can lead to conversions. Looking to improve your business then social media marketing is the best tool you can use.